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Pride vs. Dignity

The veil of pride lies so closely to dignity. As Webster’s defines it dignity is; the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect. Or better yet a sense of pride in oneself; self-respect. This is where crossroads meet where oneself must never place pride over their dignity.

Pride will have some living a life below their worthiness afraid to branch out due to lack of dignity for their own self respect. So many people are ashamed to walk away from jobs, titles, relationships or materialistic items that only decrease their self dignity and also value.

You’ll find yourself when at your lowest—when all self dignity has been lost from your individuality. You’ll began to create an image so far away from the spectrum of sanity and peace. Increased emotional compulsions and comparing oneself. Never be afraid to walk with your head high with your dignity in tact no matter the lost or voices that tell you to hang on to pride. Pride does not listen to your inner wants nor is it concern about your life goals or dreams. Dignity will keep you even when you feel alone and allow you to stand up for yourself when no one will.

~Stay hopeful.

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