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Hello Braggers!!!

Hope you’re 2022 has been giving you the best as it should. As my first full article of 2022–I would like to profile how decision making shapes your future. All that glitters is not gold. To many times decisions have been made with less thoughts on the out come of circumstance. Everything that was set for your setback was set to do just that but you have to look at it as motivation to work for you instead of quickly taking for granted the “lesson”.

Regardless of how the circumstances are lined up or how a person treats you. Your next move has to be your best move. And not believing in yourself with a clear mind of decision-making prevents you from making choices that won’t set your life back even further.

At times personally many feel that I could never have bad days or whether storms, I must say I place myself in position to never look like what I’ve been through or going through. You don’t always have to announce your decisions for at times you may not know where your life is heading next. But in those times be ready to pivot! Remember where ever your dreams, trials and tribulations take you, they are not meant to kill you but heal you. Your destiny can shift with one loose decision and you could spend a life time chasing your deserving life from stepping too far away from what’s your real destination.

Think things all the way through, for your lifes’ dreams and desires depend on it. If you don’t know how or where to begin with seeing your plan all the way through…ask yourself where or how your life may look after making your decision. If your life’s focus remain in a positive up hill progress then move with caution. Yet if your vision is any way so possible foggy and unclear, halt ask your self and calculate the expense of your decision, will you need any type of assistance, does it include putting others in jeopardy?

There are moments when choosing yourself is a must , yet there are times when moving with thought fullness keeps you from allowing life changing you to you becoming a GAME CHANGER!

So naturally actually had to face things factually—

Had to be a catastrophe with the fridgest starin' back at me

'Cause nothing's there, nothing's fair

I don't want to ever go back there

So I won't be takin' no days off 'til my spaceship takes off.” *SpaceShiP-ye/GLC*

Your hardest moments in life will be based on how well you handled them, share below how thinking things all the way through has benefited your life.

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