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Unmasking The Inner Self Vol.2

May 23, 2023

Nearly one year later—-an hiatus that lasted more than I’ve imagined. The debut series of “unmasking” I took upon myself to ensure I was in fact being true to my own inner self. Through many days and nights of self reflections I had to deem myself one that needed serious self re-alignment.  What a journey, what a *inner* battle to stay on this path to want more and be better for myself. As we lived with a mask mandate it provided a deep security blanket to hide our true feelings and desires. Once unveiled there was a true uncovering.

We had to love and see each other for who we really were. And as painful as it was it brought a self awareness that we all are who we are. There was so much bondage that an entire reconstruction had to occur within my mind. There will be highs and lows to this series but I’ve made the choice to stay the coarse. Healing is an everyday process and learning how to cope with your own personal triggers in a timely manner will push you into the future and life you’ve always dreamed of living.

Let's dive into true devotion of self.


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