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Unmasking the inner self.

On such a historic day, I’ve be blessed to see the shaping of a new world right before my eyes. It’s one thing to plan but it’s another to live it! With the removal of the mask mandate we may go back to seeing faces we had so hard forgot. Upon making mask an everyday thing of our lives. We had to develop a silent language to ensure are facial expressions were still met with the same fulfilling emotions. Outliving this experience made mask free days such a grateful timeless memory.

Not until the masks were placed on did we see the inner person in others, and learn their silent gestures of displeasures or hidden animosities. The policy not only brought about change but a complete mental enforcement on regulated freedom. More and more people pushed against what was said was to be for the better benefit of their health and love ones. We began to see the push back sprawl out of control. Silently voices felt unheard which lead to a mass resentment of wearing the mask.

Testing your health by the day, the frustration mentally made the shell of a person become unseen for our mouths had now been concealed. The vulnerability in people, divided those who were for it and those against. That some even lost their inner selves coping with this new reality. The physiological mind at times could not cope with what some felt was a new nuisance added to their already full life.

Yet rather or not this new mandate is gone for good. The behavior and lack of understanding that was displayed was past phenomenal. Could it be the adults acting out, objecting to the constraints have yet to heal their inner child, their inner selves. With face coverings, it forced what was intentions to be backed with actions. Potential could not lead or camouflage the agenda. Looking over at other countries and cultures mask are naturally part of their lives. The physical assaults and unnecessary refusal was like something orchestrated out of an apocalyptic movie. Putting into more perspective that the mask ON were only hiding serious mental traumas that needed more attending to and healing, rather than dismissing with such a fraudulent seen smile.

*I’ll continue this “Unmasking…” series for more attention addressing the needs that must be brought to light of the untold pains that this unpredicted mask event unveiled and left an entire world helpless…”

—-—circa. 4/18/2022

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