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Letting Go

Sitting by the pool somewhere far off on an attractive island, waiting for my refreshing beverage to be served it dawned upon me that I would not be there if I had not made the decision to let go.

For the few moments mentally I remembered every emotion I had ever had about letting go of people, places, and things that time had expired in my life. I even saw life as for a instance of what would have came about if I hadn’t detached physically, emotionally and most of all mentally. In that small but very important vision of epitome, my life showed half of who I am now. I appeared miserable, lost, pleasing others, uninspired and sadly very deficient.

Once I came back too, it was time to hop in my Uber and start the nights tropical adventures! Yet the next morning I still felt the strong sense to acknowledge how important it was for my life, to let go. Letting go is not something easy, it’s more easier to say than actually do. And most of the time it’s because people rather run from their own challenges than face them head on.

“…the storms of life will pass in a moment but the endurance inside of you will remain for a lifetime.”—Manuel Corazzari

The 21/90 rule states that it takes 21 days to make or change a habit, and it takes 90 days to make it a lifestyle. Most of the time the fears of letting go stand with possible failure. In my journey personally for me failure, was the only the option for it-couldn’t get any worser for already failing myself; living in others‘ shadows. The only thing that I was left to do was endure. For I knew that it would be a hard but more than worth it to trust the process.

Trusting the process is the right hand to letting go. It frees up your ego to focus on now YOU, finally. It also gives a fresh start. When you see people unable to let go, their life mirrors their past. Every day they live a life in vain, unable to embrace their own pain. Taking their unwillingness to migrate their past memories from their new present allowing this disconnection to create a torn in ones heart.

I did not want to keep a torn life full of brokenness within my life. No matter the cost of what or who I lost it was all worth it to live a life worth living. I am humbly grateful to be able to scale the measurement of my losses and wins. At times I was only giving the choice but only to “let go.” Yet without bragging upon myself too much I had for the sake of my own life to acknowledge what was happening to me and accept it to let go of things that I thought meant the world to me. Things that I felt were at their greatest level of expectations to me. But by taking out excuses I trusted the process blindly. You’ll miss your mark in life holding onto the past.

There now are so many experiences that I’ve come to accomplish. I strongly suggest anyone holding on to anything that doesn’t enlighten, promote, or bring safe stability to your life to let it go.

Share with me by commenting below your stories of letting go…

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14 jul 2021

Love this! Learning when to let go is truly so important for your happiness and overall wellbeing. Thanks for sharing!

Me gusta
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