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Unmasking The Inner Self Vol.2

May 23, 2023 Nearly one year later—-an hiatus that lasted more than I’ve imagined. The debut series of “unmasking” I took upon myself to...

Unmasking the inner self.

On such a historic day, I’ve be blessed to see the shaping of a new world right before my eyes..


Hello Braggers!!! Hope you’re 2022 has been giving you the best as it should. As my first full article of 2022–I would like to profile...

What are you waiting for…?

Have you followed Broken Girl Brag on IG yet? For motivational empowerment post..come join me in my daily routines and a humble healing...

5 Steps For Growing Into Your Next Season

As the days near closer to the New Year how has this year made you realize that growing into your next level of season is the blueprint...

Balancing Seasonal Change

~Hello Braggers! Let’s discuss balancing seasonal change a very common but unacknowledged mental illness that we all have been through at...

Letting Go

Trust the PROCESS

Spring Awakenings

There is no season worth missing...

Pride vs. Dignity

The veil of pride lies so closely to dignity. As Webster’s defines it dignity is; the state or quality of being worthy of honor or...

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