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Creating Your Own Reality

Series 1

The luxury of TIME, only exists if you're putting the effort to enjoy it. This by far has been a series that I passionately just didn’t know how to bring across to life but here we go.

Not since many years ago of experiencing a chapter of discard in my life did I realize that: “I am responsible of creating my own reality.” This entry may be very painful to relieve but I hope someone can get a bit of encouragement and motivation while going through their process. Throughout my entire journey of getting to know who I am and the person you see today were learnable experiences that brought betrayal, heartbreak and broken bondage.

Many times I was unaware that I was only walking in darkness—either walking in someone else’s shadow or people pleasing. My dreams were clouded and creating anything for myself was nowhere close to where I was. Side Note: If you’re waiting on the glitz and shinning things that doesn’t come along until lots of life lessons and mental reprogramming.*

In this life no matter who you are, you have to give it all you got. Even with a heavy heart each day is a chance to create the life you want a reality. Stay tuned for the next series of Creating Your Own Reality….

Anybody can win but —can you beat the odds?

Share how you are beginning to create your own reality?

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