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Best Five Fall Activities to Balance Mental Wellness

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Here are a five fall activities to help keep your daily rituals effective and boost your serotonin levels to make self-care your number #1 habit in this season!

  • 1. Bake!! Baking not only brings a feel good aroma smell with it into your home, but it allows you to give attention to detail. Making your mind and body active. Some ideas can be Roast Beef, Banana and/or Pumpkin Bread, Apple Pie and Casserole dishes.

  • 2. Friday Night Football: attend a local football game meet up with friends and enjoy the crisp night air of outdoors.

  • 3. Create a colorful charcuterie board. Add your favorite cheeses and meats topped with vegetables on either a beautiful day at a park or nice quiet evening at home…top it off with your favorite wine or spritz cocktail.

  • 4. Plant a fall flower container planter. Add your favorite fall colors of plants to create a container for the new season. Be sure to know which soil is best for your fall plants and add your fall accessories into your container.

  • 5. Fall family or individual photo shoot! What other way to bring in a new season of beginning than to showcase your family transitioning into their new season!!! Wear your favorite fall colors either with a nice fall studio background or in scenic pile of fall leaves!!

Hoping your FALL FORWARD is warm and most of all enjoying! 🍂

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27 Eyl 2021

Changing Season! Most importance is to be prepared♥️

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