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Balancing Seasonal Change

~Hello Braggers!

Let’s discuss balancing seasonal change a very common but unacknowledged mental illness that we all have been through at some point of time in our lives; most things we are able to control but the seasonal changes are far more out of our hands. Different seasons bring out different moods and personalities of people rather if we like it or not. Therefore it is always best to be gentle with yourself on the onset of the new seasons.

As you welcome in fall which represents new beginnings: it is a must that mentally you are preparing your mental wellness by controlling your sleep patterns, diet and stress. Our circadian rhythm is not only tuned in on the earths’ patterns but the days and nights we have been allotted.

Ultimately I would really like to express how it is necessary to observe your mental state and to not ignore the signs. Seasonal Affective Disorder or better known as (SAD): is a type of depression. It happens during certain seasons of the year—most often fall or winter. It is thought that shorter days and less daylight may trigger a chemical change in the brain leading to symptoms of depression. Light therapy and antidepressants can help treat SAD.

SAD can be developed in all mental state types and without observation and treatment can develop into more manic or bipolar stages of mental illness. Now more than ever it is highly relevant in these times of quarantine and pandemic illness that you don’t forget to enjoy life and stay active in your life daily!!!


*Share your tips on how you manage your mental wellness during seasonal change:

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